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Independent Dependent


Although I have been a military dependent or spouse, for a little over 13 years, I definitely do not have a full understanding of this chaotic, crazy, interesting, fun, stressful, adventurous, and always changing, way of life. I do know, my parents raised me to be independent. I dislike the term dependent, and am confused why all my medical forms require my sponsor’s social and not mine. Instead, I have an FMP number (Family Member ???) of 31, which somehow stands for being his first spouse. I cannot speak fluent military. I do know the phonetic alphabet, and a decent amount of military acronyms and lingo. Just today, my hubby text me about going to dinner with SFMQ. I was excited about going out to our favorite lil German place, but had to text back, “okay, but wth is SFMQ?” For future reference, apparently, this is the office he works in!

God has blessed hubby and I with two beautiful children, age eight and three. Both of their birthdays are coming so we will soon have a nine and four year old. Our children only know military life. They are amazingly understanding of the demands this “job” has. Our practical but sensitive eight year old keeps track of the number of Christmas’ and birthdays daddy has been home, in her short lifetime. I think she is up to five each. Our energetic and all boy three year old, flat out adores his daddy in uniform.

One thing I know, through all of our TDYs, PCSs, deployments, and craziness, is God loves us, and He will provide! We were chosen, by Him, for this life. Through Him, I am going to do it the best I can.