Toothpaste…the “CORRECT” Way?

Last month, the hubbs and I hit 14 years, married. I am proud to say, we still have a lot of fun and laugh a lot. I would NOT say I am the funny one. I probably do most of the laughing. He IS a funny guy. He is also very easy going, and hardly EVER complains about stuff I do or do not do. I love how he makes me laugh, daily.

However, on this particular normal, we have the day off, morning (yesterday), we were not chasing each other around trying to wipe chocolate pudding on the other one, I was not sneaking a bite out of his just made samich, he was not telling me about an airmen and what dumb thing they did or said, he was not telling any jokes, or ad-libbing a ridiculous song. BUT I almost peed my pants from laughter.

What in the world could be so funny?

Normal day off….he is in the shower, I am talking to him and getting ready. He steps out of the shower, I ask if he plans to squeegee, he says with his mischievous smile, “Maybe.” (Grrrrr….I think! It is so simple to just do it! But I bite my tongue…maybe he will do it, after he dries off.).

I pick up my tooth brush and tooth paste, I put tooth paste on the brush, pop it in my mouth, meanwhile putting the cap back on the paste, and I go to put it in the drawer, and am stopped…..by said hubby!

APPARENTLY there is a RIGHT way, to put tooth paste on your brush! And I do NOT do it correctly. AND do you know…I have been doing it WRONG and driving him nuts, EVERY DAY????

I just stood there, eyebrows up, looking at this handsome and serious military man, in his towel, explaining to me, and demonstrating, how to PROPERLY paste my brush. I need to squeeze the tube of paste, from the bottom! Not from the middle, like I do EVERY DAY (for 14 years), not by the top…….from the BOTTOM.

I continue to brush my teeth through my growing laughter, a very difficult task.

“You do not understand, this makes me crazy! I fix it every day. You do not notice this?”

I spit. I then wave my tooth brush in his direction, laughter busting out of me, and respond with, “You know, you could have told me this, before. Like FOURTEEN YEARS ago! I might have been more likely to change, then. Now, I am set in my ways. I am SORRY, I did not know I do my tooth paste wrong.”

“I am serious (insert uncontrollable laughter from me….he is never the serious type) I cannot stand it,” says the hubby.

Still laughing, I put up my tooth brush, I look straight at him, sober and not laughing, say I’m so sorry, start laughing again, and then……I smash his perfectly FIXED tooth paste, and walk out of the bathroom.

He is laughing too, but still trying to make his point.

Here is my point….SQUEEGEE! And it did NOT take me 14 years to ask you to do it :).