The PCS Diet

If anyone is like me, I loath throwing away food! I am an excellent cook, so I think, and am really good at making just enough for a night’s dinner, plus 1-2 more servings for lunch, the next day. Hubby can pack a lunch and I have something healthy to quickly heat up.

Thus, before moving, we go on what I call the “PCS Diet”. For those of you non-military, this means you eat everything in your cupboards, fridge, and freezer, before moving. This way I throw away the least amount of food possible. And what’s in the cupboard is minimized for packers.

The good thing, I make a lot of things from scratch, we eat a lot of fresh ingredients, and my food is generally pretty healthy.

I am super impressed by this week’s menu! Y’all better sit down for this. I only spent 50 bucks, at the store, for the week. Mostly getting lunch and snack items for my kiddies, then added in my fresh fruit and veggies. I am also getting low in the meet department, so I had to purchase chicken.

* Monday: Chicken, Mac and cheese (for the kids) and your choice of frozen asparagus or brussel sprouts (only daddy picked the later, and he has two more bags of those to go!!!! Yuck!)
* Tuesday: Teriyaki Salmon, pinto beans, peas
* Wednesday: Pasta with garlic, onion, red pepper, zucchini, Italian sausage, red sauce
* Thursday: Tomato Soup and Grill Cheese or Tuna Samich (we have a busy evening so it has to be something quick)
* Weekend options: 1). Chicken Enchiladas with spinach and yellow rice
2). Salmon, quinoa with Zucchini, and green beans 3). Breakfast for dinner

We have some various plans with friends, over the weekend, so the weekend is not 100% planned. If those things don’t get eaten, less planning for next week!

And did I mention I do not have a grill right now! Grrr! All of my cool stuff is headed to Alaska. I always grill food, so I am stuck cooking in a pan or oven.

I will also be creating this really delicious treat today….Paleo (and clean) Double layer Fudge by the great site PaleoOMG.



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