Moving Randomness

Orders dropped Monday! As in hard copy, we can finally scheduled everything, we are 65 days out from leaving this wonderful country, Germany.

At the gym, I was talking to a friend, who leaves the same week we do. She asks, “So, have you stopped cleaning your house too?” I burst out into laughter, “YES!” There are just things it look at and think, “whatever! That can wait because I will just have to do it again.” For instance, windows, hallway finger prints and marks, the basement in general, sweeping the leaves and such off my patio. Who cares!

This week, we booked plane tickets, scheduled my car to ship to AK, scheduled our HHG (big shipment of household goods), and scheduled unaccompanied baggage (small shipment to go right before checking into TLF).

Double checked our cancellation request for cell phones, cancelled our satellite, our DSL and phone. In Germany, you must do this all 3 months out. We are a little behind, because we wanted to get those orders in hand. Yahoo to paying an extra month.

Contacted the landlord and provided appropriate German forms, check!

I also purchased my PSC folder! I have done this for every move. It is one of those accordion folders you can label different sections. In here I put everything my life depends on, during a move. Cancellation letters, receipts, my own copies of orders, and those precious documents you don’t want to lose or be without, such as birth certificates, car titles, marriage license, etc. I usually label one section for my current address and another for my new address. And this thing is with me always. I carry it in my carry on, I DO NOT check it in baggage.

Next week:
* Fix my name on my plane tickets issued by USAF, because they do not match the name on my passport! I really want to leave as scheduled and be granted access to the USA!
* Figure out AK laws and regulations for importing 80-ish bottles of Germany wine
* Start my PSC purging (one of my favorite parts of moving…getting rid of the crap!!!!!!)
* Make sure we visit and revisit all of our favorite local places
* Soak up time with friends and my dearest neighbors!!!!!!!!

And most importantly…….


(We are now 39 days out….I forgot to post this! Can we say moving stress?)


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