America…here I come

3 months until I step foot on American soil, for the first time in 2.5 years. I have mixed emotions. Instead of dwelling on what I am going to miss about Germany, I am going to focus on the good things.

I cannot wait to eat a big, fat, juicy, Montana grown beef, CHEESEBURGER! I can think of other things I would love to eat, but we all know Montana is not known for Mexican food. You will also not find amazing Pad Thai there either. I can cook just about anything healthy. So, this is why I am sticking with the cheeseburger.

American sized…you fill in the blank! I am not talking Mcdonald’s supersized meals. Three years in Europe, with tiny everything. A kitchen with more then two drawers, five cupboards, one miniature sink (try washing a crock pot in that), a little refrigerator, and no counter space. Don’t forget the oven, especially on Thanksgiving. Honestly, baking cookies with two cookie sheets in the oven at a time…. excites me! Two 8×8 pans cannot fit side by side in the baby I have now. (PS I have a large kitchen by euro standards.)



How could I forget the washer and dryer. Size matters!!!!!! One hour to do FOUR American sized bath towels. That is just washing. If I rearrange it right, I can fit two uniforms in there, at once! It takes me three loads of laundry, just to do workout clothes, for one week. Two loads of clothes, and thanks to my thoughtful hubby, who bought tiny skinny European type towels, I only have one load there! Want to wash anything larger than a twin blanket, go to the laundry mat.

Have you ever heard of musical cars? This is what hubby and I do at least twice a week, when he gets home before me and pulls into the driveway out of order!

Speaking of driveways….let’s talk about a garage with a garage door opener. And one big enough I don’t need to make everyone on the passenger side get out of, asking them kindly to push in my mirror, before I pull in. Then, I remind my lil guy, getting out of the driver’s side, “be careful not to hit the door on the wall!” Bikes, lawn mower, gardening tools, scooters, BBQ, snow shovel, trash bins???? Where do these go? NOT in the garage!!!!!

Closets! These small wardrobes just do not cut it. I miss my coat closet, my linen closet, and let’s not mention my walk in master closet (with shelves). I even miss the annoying under the stairs closet.

No explanation needed list:

Target and Kohls.

Under the sink bathroom cabinets.

A garbage disposal.

Netflix or Hulu or whatever people use these days.

Websites in English. No Google translation needed.

Pay at the pump gas station!

Family cell phone plans.

Drive up ATM.

These are the things I have been thinking of, ever since we found out we were moving back to the good ol’ US of A. Some of them I did not miss, until I was talking with people. When they are not available, you forget about it.


I will have a list about Germany, someday soon.


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