PCS 101


PC-what? Permanent Change of Station. AKA, you are moving, the military said so!

You find out your moving! Yahoo! Or…Oh NO!!!!! You instantly have 1000 questions running through your head, while you celebrate or cry. When? Where? Is base housing nice? What are the schools like? Do we know anyone there? Am I going to be able to find a job?

You then graduate to thinking, Montana to Florida? Florida to Germany? Germany to Alaska? I need new clothes. Do they have hurricanes? How close is the beach? Do they have a lot of traffic? I need an ice scraper for the car. How long does it take for my stuff to get there? What am I going to do in the mean time. How many days do we get in TLF? OMG it snows there! I have to learn how to drive! I don’t speak German. Oh yeah fresh fish! Northern lights. I’m going to freeze my @$$ off!


So, here we go again. For some reason, we are always moving far far distances (see my examples above). Personally, I have been excited for every move. This is where my love for adventure,
and happy go lucky attitude comes in. Quite honestly, I think I could live anywhere for a couple years. As long as my family is together, (deployments and remotes suck), God will get us through it!

Nowadays (I sound like old folk saying that) it is easy to research a new base. Facebook has some amazing pages. With a click of a button, you can like your next base spouse page. Narrow it down and there is probably a page for spouses in your career field. Some spouses out a lot of work into pages like, Military Word of Mouth. This page is dedicated to military installations all over the world, no matter which branch. Spouses have entered reviews and helpful information, about where they have lived. Are you wondering what base housing is like? Check out Moving House for the Military Spouse. A wonderful site with pictures of your next home!

More advice, feed your packers! Happy packers are a good thing. Your valuable things are being left in their hands. Have bottled water on hand. They probably get pizza all the time, so think outside the box. They are human, treat them with kindness and respect. Talk to them. They have funny stories!

On that note: Clean your house before they come!!!!! They do not want to work in your filth.

Stay positive. You are not the only person who has moved. You are not the only one who has run into problems. Other people have to deal with last minute orders, confusing information, wrong information, delayed schedules, lost paperwork….the list goes on….and on! Be flexible and have some patience. How you look at these things, how you handle them, and your attitude about all of it, makes or breaks the move. I choose to be positive, because my kids are then looking forward to our new adventure, rather then hating the idea. And quite frankly, looking on the bright side makes for a smoother PCS!

Moving overseas? I will post a few helpful tips, such as my list for unaccompanied baggage! Stay tuned.


“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”
― Dr. Seuss


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